Navionics MSD/NAVUPDATES-NI-Humminbird Navionics Updates – MSD Format



Product Description

Navionics Update Card – MSD Format Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # MSD/NAVUPDATES-NI (microSDCard) The Navionics MSD/NAVUPDATES-NI provides greater content and access to more marine areas and lakes than other products on the market, and ensures that content remains up to date . Customers can select and download any amount of content from 1 of 7 extensive global regions including the Caribbean and Central and South America. It can be synced with Navionics mobile and web apps. The software update chip gives boaters the ability to easily enhance their charts with the sonar logs they collect. The 12 months Freshest Data subscription provides free daily nautical chart updates, Sonar Charts and Community Edits. The software comes with 16 GB card and USB reader. MSD/NAVUPDATES-NI Features: Navigational Software Update Chip, Content of Marine Areas & Lakes, Freshwater & Saltwater Charts, 12 Month Freshest Data Subscription – Free Daily Nautical Chart Updates – Sonar Charts & Community Edits, Can be Synced with Navionics Mobile & Web Apps, Includes: 16 GB Card, USB Reader

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