Tiger Tiger Simmer Sauce, Kashmiri Mild Korma, Medium Chili Rating



Product Description

14.81 oz QTY 6Unleash the taste. Gluten free. No artificial colors flavors or preservatives. A rich combination of cream, coconut and spices, producing a delicious mild sauce. Medium chili rating. At Tiger Tiger we are passionate about our quality. We take pride in bringing you the best, without compromise. Kashmir is a beautiful, landlocked state in the extreme north of India, a region of snow covered peaks and lush valleys. The abundant rice harvest provides the perfect accompaniment for the Kashmiri Korma dish, a rich but mild sauce subtly flavored with garlic, spices and red chilies. At the lavish banquets of the ancient Mogul Emperors, several different korma dishes would have taken pride of place. Tiger Tiger aim to make this true of your dining table. Suitable for vegetarians. Produced and packed in the UK.

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