Prevue Pet Products Silverado Macaw Cage



Product Description

Measures 46L x 36W x 78H inches. 1.375-inch wire spacing will keep birds in. 3 stainless steel non-tip bowls reduce mess. Pull-out bottom grille and drawer for easy cleaning. Includes built-in hardwood perch. The Prevue Pet Products Silverado Macaw Cage is one of the largest cages available, thanks to its roomy dome-top design. The Silverado gives even the largest bird plenty of space to play and explore. Slip-in mesh panel construction combined with the pull-out bottom grille and drawer make cleaning easy, while rounded corner seed guards keep your floors clean too. Flathead hex bolts allow for easy cage assembly, and it cannot be unscrewed by birds. This extra-large birdcage also includes three stainless steel non-tip bowls and one hardwood perch. The wire spacing measures 1.375 inches. Dimensions: 46L x 36W x 78H inches.About Prevue HendryxPrevue Hendryx is the leading manufacturer and importer of pet cages in the United States. Pioneering and innovating the pet cage market since 1869, the Chicago-based company is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer a full product line of bird cages, toys and accessories, dog training crates, travel crates, small animal cages and accessories, feeding dishes, exercise pens, and tie-out chains.The company’s mission is to offer more than 700 products to meet the comfort and caging needs of all pet owners. Every product is manufactured with pet safety, product longevity, and your home decor in mind. All of the company’s cages are produced with finishing and coatings that are completely non-toxic, thus extremely safe for both pet and child. Ongoing lab analysis allows the company’s engineers to develop new products to meet your pets’ needs.

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